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tv   The Early Show  CBS  May 18, 2011 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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good morning. road to recovery congresswoman gabrielle giffords set to undergo surgery later today to repair part of her skull, four months after being shot in the head and days after watching her husband's successful space shuttle watch. under pressure suicide watch for dominique strauss-kahn, his accuser's attorney sits down with cbs news. >> did she have any idea when she did come forward that this would cause this international incident? >> not only did she not have that idea, she didn't know who this man was until much later.
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and schwarzenegger's secret new details emerging about the lovechild that led to the split between the former governor and maria shriver. what shriver and her children are now saying about that break-up, "early" wednesday morning, may 18th, 2011. captioning funded by cbs >> good wednesday to you. i'm erica hill. nice to have you with us on the early. show. >> and i'm chris wragge. trouble for newt gingrich already. a gay rights protester throws glitter all over newt at an event last night. gingrich has had a lot of things go wrong since kicking off his presidential campaign. many republicans saying he's in big trouble so we'll have the latest on newt gingrich's situation coming up. >> some wondering if this campaign can last based on everything that's happened.
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we begin with congresswoman gabrielle giffords. two days ago she watched her husband launch the space shuttle "endeavour." today back in houston giffords is having surgely on her wounded skull. dr. jennifer ashton is here with more on that. >> good morning, erica. today marks a milestone on what's already been a remarkable recovery. doctors at this houston hospital will use a plastic implant to replace a piece of congresswoman gabrielle giffords's skull >> they decided to use a fabricated segment as opposed to her original. they feel it's safer, cleaner, and actually it's a better piece of puzzle piece sort of fitting in there. >> reporter: in january surgeons removed a section of bone to remove brain swelling. since then she's been wearing a protective helmet. >> liftoff for the final launch of "endeavour." >> reporter: today's surgery comes just days after giffords traveled to the kennedy space
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center to watch her husband, commander mark kelly, blast off on the shuttle "endeavour." ♪ it's a beautiful day ♪ >> reporter: the crew's first day in space began with a song chosen by giffords and kelly's two daughters. >> i want to thank gabby, claudy and claire for the great wake-up song. >> reporter: he was confident his wife would continue making strides when he was gone. >> when i get back in a few weeks, she's going to be noticeably different than when i left. i mean i know that's the case. >> reporter: giffords' surgery is expected to last anywhere from one and a half to two hours. if all goes well she'll be back to rehab in a few days. >> when you look at the surgery, one and a half to two hours, what are the risks associated with it in. >> the main risk is infection. i spoke to a reconstructive plastic surgeon who explained to us the actual piece of plastic they're using to replace that missing part of her skull with has been custom molded using ct
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scans to conform to the exact shape of her skull and brain, more accurate than the bone fragment removed and much better shape than the bone fragment removed in january. >> if all portends well why now? >> it's roughly within the normal time window gets replaced about three months after it was removed but more likely here, erica, there was no pressing medical urgency to replace this. they didn't just decide to do this yesterday. likely more the case of a wife who didn't want to distract her husband from a task at hand and just wanted to quietly undergo this yet critical piece of her recovery. >> all right, and we'll be watching and listening for that outcome, jen, thanks. >> you bet. >> here's chris. this morning, growing pressure on dominique strauss-kahn to resign as head of the international monetary fund as he faces charges in new
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york. michelle miller is in new york. >> reporter: good morning, chris. since his arrival he's on suicide watch restricted to a 12 x 11 foot jail cell. the suicide watch for dock neek strauss-kahn began after a mental health evaluation and not because of an actual suicide attempt. the evaluation is standard procedure for first-time offenders facing serious charges. the 62-year-old banker is in isolation with his own guard and 24-hour monitoring. strauss-kahn has had one personal visit and will be allowed tomorrow. it's a stunning fall for a man who ran the international monetary fund and was a possible candidate for president of france. his accusers is a maid in the hotel who told she was assaulted
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in his suite. to protect her privacy she's in hiding from the intense media attention. in 2008 he admitted to an affair with the staffer who wrote strauss-kahn was a man with a problem which may make him ill equipped to lead an institution with women. a woman says strauss-kahn sexually assaulted her in 2002 may now file charges. there's growing pressure for him to resign among those calling for him to resign is treasury secretary tim geithner. >> he's obviously not in the position to run the imf and it's important for the board to put in place someone to act as director. >> reporter: there are interesting poll numbers. opinion poll numbers out of france since strauss-kahn's arrest, the first shows that 54%
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believe that strauss-kahn's socialist party could get elected in next year's presidential election. the second shows 57% think that strauss-kahn was set up by his political enemies. chris? >> cbs's michelle miller outside riker riker's island jail. the 32-year-old woman is not identified but her attorney, jeffrey shapiro is discussing the case and we spoke with him last night. did she have any idea when she did come forward that this would cause this international incident? >> not only did she not have that idea she didn't know who this man was until later. what she did was escape from this, report it to security who then called the police and all of the events took place after that. >> now that she sees some of the ramifications of coming forward with something like this against someone who is this powerful as mr. kahn will she on it press
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forward? has there been any apprehension on her behalf saying this is not what i want? >> it's her word against a man as powerful and rich in the world and she is grateful to be in a country where her rights are equal to his source is she reluctant to go forward? no, she will do what she's asked to do and she will tell her story and happy to do that because she's telling the truth. >> when you open the papers and you see his attorneys have mentioned this was consensual how do you respond? >> there was nothing by any aspect of this encounter between this young woman, the defendant, which was remotely consensual or could be construed as consensual, either physical contact or sexual contact. >> if this does become a case of he said/she said how much does a disadvantages does your client have? >> none. because she's telling the truth and she can take the stand and testify to the truth. >> i know these questions have
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already come up and they'll continue to come up mr. kahn because of the powerful position he's been in talked about before this incident happened can you say unequivocally there's no setup, no impropriety here. >> absolutely. what is extraordinarily fair he can start spinning a defense but his defense amounts to attempt to accuse the victim and so she can't step forward. she's the victim of a sex crime. she can't take the public stage and talk about this nor would she want to do that. essentially she has to sit and remain where she is cooperating with the authorities until such time she has an opportunity to step forth in court on the record before a jury and tell her story >> here's erica. one week ago former house speaker newt gingrich announced he's running for president and already some critics say his candidacy is dead in the water.
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jan crawford is in washington with the race for the nomination. never a dull moment. >> gingrich is one of the best known conservatives in the country, considered one of the intellectual leaders of the republican party but he's also got a reputation for being a little undisciplined, talking before he thinks and it seems like this week he's lived up to that reputation. >> i'm newt gingrich and i'm announcing my candidacy for president of the united states. >> reporter: newt gingrich had just started his campaign for president when conserveativeconservatives, people from his own party were saying he was finished. >> he didn't have a big chance from the beginning but now it's over. >> folks don't ask me to explain this. there is no explanation. >> reporter: it started with his appearance on a sunday talk show when gingrich suddenly took aim at republicans, specifically congressman paul ryan's budget plan which all but four house republicans support. >> i don't think right wing social engineering is any more desirable than left wing social
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engineering. i don't think imposing radical change from the right or the left is a very good way for free society to operate. >> ryan shot back. >> with allies like that who needs the left. >> gingrich called to apologize after getting an earful from iowa. >> what you just did to paul ryan is unforgivable. >> i didn't do anything. >> you called his allies in the house. you are an embarrassment to our party. >> sorry you feel that way. >> his wife's financial disclosure form shows in the recent past he owed up to half a million dollars to the fancy jewelry store tiffany's, not exactly a good message when voters are worried most about the economy. more embarrassment tuesday in minneapolis and a gay rights activist glittered him at a book signing. the backlash comes less than a week after mitt romney the presumptive republican front-runner stumbled with the
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right, trying to defend his support for health care reform in massachusetts but some conservatives didn't buy it. the missteps are helping tim pawlenty, taking a slow and steady approach to the race increasing the pressure for someone else to join in especially minnesota congresswoman michele bachmann and indiana governor mitch daniels. >> jen, excuse me, i got something caught in my throat as you take a look at this from everyone you've spoken with out there in the political arena is gingrich's candidacy hanging on by a thread at this point? >> top republicans told me he is in serious trouble, his campaign in severe jeopardy. the big question is the bottom line, money, whether he can hang on to some of the big donors that lined up to support him or whether this is too much for them and they're just going to peel away and go with someone else. >> i have a feeling we'll be hearing more in the not too distant future jim, thanks. now to the latest on the
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schwarzenegger saga. maria shriver is speaking out about her husband's bombshell announcement that he fathered a child of the woman who worked in their home. ben tracy is here this morning. >> this is not forcing maria shriver into hiding. last night she was in chicago for a taping of one of the final oprah winfrey shows. despite her marriage falling apart, she seems determined to carry on. >> my partner, my best friend welcome my wife maria shriver. >> reporter: after years of support she is walking away reportedly known about her husband's secret child since january, when she moved out of the couple's los angeles mansion. these headlines tuesday forced her to break her silence n a statement shriver said "this is a painful and heartbreaking time. as a mother, my concern is for the children. i ask for compassion respect and privacy, as my children and
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i try to rebuild our lives and heal." the couple's 17-year-old son, patrick tweeted "some days you want to quit and just be normal for a bit, yet i love my family 'til death do us apart." he signed it patrick shriver. his sither kathryn, who is 21 also twittered, this is definitely not easy but i appreciate your love and support as i begin to heal and move forward. according to published reports, schwarzenegger may have fathered the boy 14 years ago, approximately the same time maria shriver was pregnant with their youngest son, christopher. >> i'm a little disappointed because our governor is supposed to be upstanding and basically deceived us all these years. >> reporter: had the secret gone public back in 2003 it could have derailed his run for governor, after allegations of womanizing it was shriver who stood up for him. >> he is an extraordinary father. he's an extraordinary husband. >> you've gone on record saying
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you would vouch for his record he's that good of a man, everything you believe in your marriage character of your husband falls down around you. if that's not the worst sense of betrayal, i don't know what is. >> certainly this news has taken a toll on the former governor's family but it also comes at a time when he's trying to reboot his movie career here in hollywood. so far it's not clear what impact it could have on that. >> cbs's ben tracy in los angeles, thank you. we want to check in with jeff glor for a check of some of the other headlines on this wednesday. good morning. >> good morning to you and everyone at home as well. river traffic on the mississippi is moving again. for most of yesterday, shipping was stopped in natches and morgan city in an effort to ease pressure on levees along the mississippi. dean reynolds is in baton rouge with the latest. dean, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, jeff. the concern all along of officials on the river has been the strength of the floodwalls
7:16 am
whether they could withstand the wakes of the big barge traffic going through at places like baton rouge where an unintentional breach could be catastrophic because of the heavy industrialized nature of this city. the decision to reopen the river at two critical spots yesterday was heavily conditioned. the barge traffic can go through one barge at a time. they have to go as slowly as possible and they have to have 1,200 feet of separation between them. all of that is designed to prevent the kind of flooding that occurred in vicksburg, mississippi, upriver earlier this week and the flooding there is inundated casinos, farms, businesses forced 5,000 people to flee their homes. so the crest is at vicksburg tomorrow, meaning more water is on its way to baton rouge here in louisiana.
7:17 am
jeff? >> all right, dean reynolds thank you this morning. in the senate a procedural vote has blocked a democratic bid to cut $2 billion a year in tax breaks for big oil companies. democrats say they'll try again. in britain, queen elizabeth is on the second day of her trip to ireland. this morning she placed a wreath at a war memorial that honors more than 49,000 soldiers who died in world war i. during a tour of a guinness storehouse she was offered what some call a perfect pint but the queen looked at it and politely declined. yes. 17 minutes past the hour. never decline a weather forecast from marysol castro. >> you wouldn't decline a guinness so we're all clear. in the northeast the slow moving storm continues at a snail's pace. hail and gusty winds. thunderstorms are expected across nine states from north carolina to new york. light rain is expected in
7:18 am
northern new england, just north of boston we're also keeping thanks so much. that's your latest weather and now over to chris and erica. >> good morning. thanks. just ahead this morning, treasury secretary tim geithner tells congress raise the debt ceiling or else. >> we'll be right back.
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7:25. the sun is up and it's staying mostly behind the clouds. we have another peek of blue sky there. we'll see a bit more sunshine today than yesterday. having said that, we'll go to the first warning doppler weather radar. we're seeing a activity off of the chesapeake bay. the forecast calls for a continued chance of showers and thunderstorms. with a high temperature of 73 in the mid-60s now, we'll send it over to sharon gibala.
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hi, marty, good morning, everyone. if we look outside, we can take a look at the traffic camera that shows an accident on route 100. also, an accident on 29 and 108. one accident is in both directions. there's an accident in reisterstown and baker street. one in bel air now. that's on 543 and route 222. 95 southbound is slow from the beltway. there's a look at the drive times and the speeds. there's a look at the beltway. this traffic report is brought to you by home paramount pest control. former prince george county executive jack johnson
7:27 am
is heading to prison. the 62-year-old pleaded guilty. he admits from accepting bribes, trading access to county jobs, real estate and housing money meant for the needy. he admitted telling his wife to flush a check down the toilet and stuff $80,000 in her underwear when the police were outside of their home. she serves on the county council. thank you, a retired baltimore city firefighter is accused of shooting a teen with a shotgun. the 66-year-old was trying to scare away the group that he claims was making too much noise where he lived. the 15-year-old is expected to survive. he's charged with first and second degree assault. a student from baltimore
7:28 am
county is awarded a literary honor. she was named the winner a. asofi curve award. up next, the u.s. hits the
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welcome back to "the early show." carbon copy the same picture we showed you monday tuesday, and now wednesday morning. >> it is live. >> it is live sadly. welcome back to "the early show." i'm chris wragge along with erica hill. this morning tim geithner sounding the debt ceiling alarm. we're going to hear more and ask rebecca jarvis if that's bad for the country when the government can't borrow any more money.
7:31 am
also last night oprah winfrey saw the biggest sendoff from the biggest a-list celebrities. chances are you'll recognize them, tom hanks, tom cruise who famously jumped on the couch. she prepares to say good-bye to 25 years on daytime tv. >> jeff glor. the chicago bulls had to reschedule their game because of oprah. another big step for congresswoman gabrielle giffords. doctors will replace a piece of her skull removed to relieve pressure after she was shot in january. a plastic insert will be placed now under her scalp, that procedure will last up to two hours today. giffords husband, mark kelly was at the controls of "endeavour" as the shuttle did a backflip maneuver, inspection of heat shield tiles before docking with the international space station. a journalist who spent more
7:32 am
than two weeks in custody and syria, dorothy parvaz is released. mexican police yesterday used an x-ray machine to find immigrants stuffed inside two trucks. al qaeda may have a new leader. al jazeera reports an egyptian saif al adel might replace osama bin laden. many believe bin laden's long time deputy ayman al zawahiri will take over. and at ground zero in new york city one world trade center has a new anchor tenant. it will lease a million square feet of the tower for a total of $2 million over 25 years and plans to move in in
7:33 am
the middle east was already changing rapidly before the raid that killed osama bin laden and now, though, president obama sees an opportunity here to perhaps redefine america's relations with the arab world and he's going to describe his vision in a major policy speech tomorrow. cbs news senior white house correspondent bill plante has a preview of that this morning. bill, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, erica. it didn't take long for the paradoxes of the middle east to catch up and frustrate president obama. last september he set an israeli
7:34 am
road map of one year. the president cited the push for freedom in the arab world as a reason to reopen the peace talks. >> despite the many changes or perhaps because of the many changes that are taking place in the region it's more vital than ever that both israelis and pal palestinians find a way to get back to the table. >> robert dennin says there's only one way that can happen. >> only the united states can bring them to the table. >> reporter: mr. obama meets with prime minister netanyahu friday. polls show arab and muslim views of the u.s. are negative more than a year ago.
7:35 am
the view is that they have turned away from bahrain where it has an interest in the status quo. >> i think there's a great deal of disappointment in the region right now among arabs and israelis because the united states has's espoused a number of principles. >> reporter: the marches on israel's border over the weekend remains the palestinian issue. the two factions are united and may ask them to recognize them as a state, making negotiations with israel less likely. but officials here say the speech tomorrow is not just about the peace process, though it certainly will touch it but that it's a broader view of what we can do to help the changes in the arab world. >> bill plante in the white house this morning, thanks. joining us is vali nasr key adviser to president obama on the complicated structure of relations in the middle east. he left the state department last month, now a professor at tufts university.
7:36 am
good to have you with us this morning, sir. >> good to be with you. >> there are two audiences for the president's speech tomorrow afternoon, there is of course the u.s. audience and then the middle east audience. touching first on the americans, what do americans both want and need to hear from the president tomorrow? >> well, the american public would like to know what is the importance of what's happening in the middle east and this is an opportunity for the president to help redefine the way in which americans look at the middle east, since 9/11 americans have looked at the middle east through the prism of al qaeda and extremism. there is a lot happening in terms of democratic uprisings and bin laden has been killed. the president can change in the way in which americans see the region. >> that's the goal for the americans. when it comes to speaking to the arab world obviously we just heard from bill there, the arab and muslim view increasingly negative and a lot of that has to do with the way the united states has intervened or not intervened in the middle east over the last couple of months.
7:37 am
what does he need to say in that regard? >> well first of all, he's speaking to the arab world at a time when the arab spring is stalling. it's very clear the dictatorial governments are getting the upper hand libya, syria, bahrain, none of them have gone the way of egypt and the arabs would like to see whether the united states is going to push the arab spring to fruition. the president needs to set the right expectation to tell them where do we stand on the process of change where we can help and what are our abilities to help push the process forward. the arabs would like to hear the from the president the arab/israeli issue building on his cairo speech of 2009. >> quickly, because we only have 30 seconds although it's a complicated topic. what would you advise what is the most important thing you would advise the president to say tomorrow? >> the president has to reassert america's commitment to democracy in the middle east but also make it clear that we are
7:38 am
not able to intervene as we did in libya, in every case that we also will be working hard on the arab arab/israeli peace process but this might be a complicated process going forward. >> good to have you with us this morning, vali nasr thank you. >> thank you. the treasury secretary says the u.s. could default for the first time ever. we'll look at what that means, not only for this economy but for your wallet. this is "the early show" on cbs. trying to stay on track? [ female
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in this morning's "money watch" the federal government may be $14 trillion in debt but never had to juggle its bills until now. the u.s. treasury could no longer borrow any more money and that could sink the economy. rebecca jarvis is here on what all this means. . >> the treasury secretary tim geithner laid out a dire scenario. congress raises the debt ceiling
7:42 am
by august or we could all pay a devastating price. with our nation's credit limit breached treasury secretary tim geithner warns a failure to act would result in disaster. >> we do not have the option of leaving this problem to another day, another congress or another president. >> reporter: since monday when we hit the $14.3 trillion debt ceiling and congress failed to raise it, geithner's had to shuffle costs to keep the country afloat. >> we were forced to deploy a series of extraordinary measures to prevent default. >> reporter: those measures include borrowing from two federal pensions and halting some state aid. >> we have hit the debt ceiling. the treasury can use accounting gimmickery and techniques but that can only go on for so long. >> reporter: for your home budget each month groceries and gas need to be paid and of course the mortgage. say you don't have the money to pay the bills and your credit cards are maxed out. you have to feed the family and
7:43 am
get around so you put off those mortgage payments, put them off for too long and you'll find yourself in foreclosure. the government's version of a foreclosure happens august 2nd. >> the scenarios come august 2nd are so dire the words being bandied about are catastrophic doomsday. these are appropriate terms. >> reporter: the doomsday scenario means the u.s. would default on its debt for the first time in history, causing interest rates to soar stocks to plummet and a global recession worse than 2008. the big question going forward is how do we get to that boat the republicans say they're not going to hike the debt limit without guarantees on future spending cuts. democrats are pushing for an increase in the debt ceiling first, followed by talks about cutting the deficit later. >> say the talks end up to the deadline. >> the more nervous the markets get over this the more likely
7:44 am
the cost of borrowing is going to go up. the more expensive the mortgage gets the more expensive borrowing for a car or business. stocks hate the uncertainty and we could see them bush lower as a result of it. >> quickly although the deficit reduction talk that keeps on going right now republicans say no new taxes not going to happen. did tim geithner say anything? >> he said we're kicking the can down the road. we're not going to touch them until after the deficit ceiling is done. >> rebecca jarvis thank you. coming up next entertainment's biggest names bowing to the queen of daytime tv, oprah. to stay healthy. but did you know fiber choice can help support your overall well-being? every tasty tablet has prebiotic fiber from fruits and veggies... that lets your good bacteria thrive and helps support your immune system. fiber choice. an easy way to defend your health everyday. learn more about prebiotics and get a free sample at
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7:48 am
cruise to one-named music legends like madonna, they came to pay homage to oprah in chicago as the queen of daytime tv continued her long farewell to her legendary show. even the setting proved oprah gets what oprah wants. the producers convinced the nba to move a high stakes playoff game to transform the united center into a tv studio grand enough for her sendoff. her true power has always come from the people, 20,000 of them got free tickets to this taping many of them arrived early. you came from amsterdam? >> yes, yes, we did. >> reporter: this seems more like a gala than good-bye. >> it's not a good-bye. it's see you later, alligator. >> reporter: after the show fans were still basking in all things oprah. >> it was an experience of a lifetime. it's, i don't know, hard to put in words.
7:49 am
>> reporter: once she signs off her last syndicated show next wednesday, oprah's future is less certain. her new cable channel "own" is still struggling to connect with viewers, reportedly average 135,000 viewers an hour a far cry from the 45 million who watched her show every week. earlier this month oprah brought in new leadership. >> i think they have to get more oprah into own. >> reporter: that's exactly what oprah plans to do once her show goes off the air, the only place she'll she'll, you'll be able to see her is on the network that bears her news. cynthia bowers cbs news chicago. >> man, got the nba to move the game. >> the playoff game none the less when the top seed is the bulls. the people there had to be saying to themselves she's got to be giving something away last two shows. >> you would think, right? >> those episodes are off the
7:50 am
charts. >> they are. >> going to miss her. >> a whole new era. >> we'll be back with more. you're watching "the early show" on cbs. show your cravings who's boss with chili's new $6 lunch break. choose a texas toast half-sandwich, like our classic turkey, piled high and tasty. pair with a delicious soup or house salad. served with seasoned fries it's big flavor for just 6 bucks -- weekdays at chili's. we're at cousin everett's blueberry farm to talk about our blueberry juice drinks. they're made with my sweet, ripe blueberries, so they're good for you -- taste real good, too! let's whip up a sample.
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some folks are seeing sunshine. and, the first doppler shows showers around the area. such is the flavor around the day. we have a mix of everything. slightly more sun today than yesterday. still, we'll keep the umbrella handy. now, over to sharon gibala with tv traffic control. hi, marty, good morning, everyone. for you're about to head out, we have several problems. there's a look at one of the
7:56 am
accidents at 92 and the route 100 area. there's an accident on 100 web on oakwood road. there's an accident on cockeysville road as well from, there's the westside of the beltway. this is brought to you by home paramount pest control. call home paramount for a free inspection today. call for more information. jack johnson pleads guilty to felony charges and will spend time in federal prison. don, jack johnson will spend a decade behind bars. he pleaded guilty. he admits accepting bribes and
7:57 am
trading access meant for the needy. he also admitted to telling his wife to flush a check down the toilet and stuff $80,000 in her underwear. she still serves on the county council and faces charges. the dance contractor announce -- the local contractor announced that several employees will lose their jobs. william donald schaefer's last will and testament has been released. his estate goes to friends and organizations. his friend, lainy lebow-sachs, gets more than half a million dollars. he sent a lot of money to organizations around the area. stay with us, up next, how your morning cup of
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
welcome back to the early show here on a wednesday morning. tough to put a positive spin on that, been raining the last three days but the pollen count is way down. >> and flowers, it will bring out the flowers and the leaves. >> and the roads needed a washing here. i'm chris wragge along with erica hill. >> good to have you on this wednesday morning. we want to get you the latest on the inis miss river flooding. we've been following this for days. this morning we can tell you barges or moving again on a 15-mile stretch of water that
8:01 am
was closed yesterday, that is of course good news for shipping. the river though between the mississippi and louisiana still hasn't crested and officials remain very concerned about new flooding. cbs news national correspondent dean reynolds joins us from baton rouge, louisiana this morning, with more. now that the river is open to barge traffic what would you say the major concern is this morning? >> good morning, erica. the major concern has been all along the condition of the flood walls, whether they can stand the sustained grinding pressure of the high river levels and the rapid face of the current. that's why when they reopened those sections of the river yesterday, they did so heavily conditioned that they could only move barge traffic through one barge at a time, that it had to be done as slowly as possible and that it had to be 1,200 feet of separation in between. the reason why they're doing it that way is they don't want
8:02 am
those barges to kick up a big wake that might put further pressure on these floodwalls or even overtop them. >> when you look at it, too, that's one issue but then there is the impact of all of this on both louisiana where you are now and of course on mississippi. give us a sense of how that's beginning to tally up at this point. >> reporter: well, mississippi right now seems to be getting the worst of it. it's further upriver in vicksburg, for example, you see casinos underwater. you see businesses along the riverfront underwater. and farmlands are underwater. they're all sorts of damage estimates being thrown out but it's clearly going to continue to mount because the economic toll is basically a slow motion disaster that's tied to the fate of this river. erica? >> dean reynolds in baton rouge thanks. mississippi governor haley
8:03 am
barbour is joining us, in jackson, the state capital. thanks for being with us. >> thank you, erica. good to be with you. >> good news barges are moving on the river. this is a slow moving disaster, as dean mentioned. what is your greatest concern this morning? >> well, that's one of the problems about a flood is you see it coming for days. the crest will get to vicksburg tomorrow, but it will be a long flat crest. it won't really start going down for some days and there will be areas in the mississippi delta that will still be flooded not only the middle of june some into late june and because it will take that much time for the water to get out. erica, in our state, the biggest problem is that the mississippi is so high the levees are holding, that water is not getting on us but the tributaries can't drain out, and so they back up and that backwater flooding is what has flooded hundreds of thousands of
8:04 am
acres in mississippi. >> that is having an enormous impact not just on the folks who live in the areas but across the state and across the board economically. >> well that's right. roads are closed in many areas. your reporter noted that casinos were closed. not every casino on the river is closed but virtually all but a couple. proudly i will tell you at least one will open in tunica and a couple more tomorrow but farmland is under water. businesses closed. manufacturing facilities are cut off from their employees, and the economic damage will be very large, and then of course it's a gigantic mess. people's homes under water. we have some 4,000 to 5,000 people right now who are out of their homes because of the floodwaters. they'll have to go back and when they can get back then they start cleaning up the mess. >> as you mentioned very long a lot of this lasting into the summer months. we'll continue to follow it and
8:05 am
we will continue to check in with you governor. we have to ask you quickly, because you of course announced that you will not be running for the republican nomination for president. a lot of names out there also echoing that saying they are not going to run. is there a certain name that you're looking at that you think could be in fact the best name to have on the ticket in 2012? >> well, there are a lot of very good people who are friends of mine who are running, people that i have served with as governor. i was chairman of the party when newt gingrich was speaker of the house. we'll see who else is going to run. there's good people like mitch daniels, like jon huntsman others who might run. i am convinced that the field is not full. that's why i'm not in any hurry. there's plenty of time. >> you certainly have plenty on your plate, of course in the state of mississippi. governor, thanks for your time this morning. >> thank you erica. >> now here's chris. not far away in texas it's a very different story, the lone star state facing a terrible drought and the worst wildfires
8:06 am
in years. cbs news correspondent don teague has that story. >> reporter: a cruel reality of nature, one state away from the floods of mississippi texas is parched, suffering its worst drought in history. 94% of the state is in severe to exceptional drought. lakes have receded to dangerously low levels. for now, farmers and ranchers are suffering the most. agriculture officials estimate losses will total $3 billion. crops have withered or not coming up at all. cattle being auctioned off because not enough pasture to feed them. >> hope it rains. >> reporter: jimmy summerfeldt has sold a quarter of his herd. he'll sell the rest if rain doesn't come soon. the other ongoing battle wildfires. 2.2 million acres of bone dry
8:07 am
vegetation have burned so far and in houston, which has only seen six inches of rain in six months animals from rab is to raccoons are on the verge of dying from dehydration. >> they're starving to death, shriveled up to little nothings because there's nothing to eat or drink out there. >> reporter: and for now at least, no relief in sight. don teague cbs news dallas. >> tale of two weather systems right there. >> jeff glor standing by at the news desk with a check of the headlines we're following this morning. >> good morning guys, good morning to everyone at home. two days after watching her husband blast off in the space shuttle "endeavour," congresswoman ff go of will undergo surgery in houston today. doctors plan to replace a piece of her skull with a plastic insert that again to was used to replace one removed. >> they decided it's safer,
8:08 am
cleaner and actually better piece of puzzle piece sort of fitting in there if you can imagine that. >> the procedure is expected to last about two hours and recovery from the surgery is expected to take a couple days. giffords' husband, meanwhile, mark kelly and the rest of the "endeavour" crew arrived at the international space station a short time ago, after an early morning docking. the head of the international monetary fund is on suicide watch this morning, in a new york city jail. dominique strauss-kahn is in isolation, charged with sexual assault. there are growing calls for strauss-kahn to resign from the imf. his alleged victim a hotel maid is a 32-year-old widow, she's not been seen since. last night her lawyer told chris she did not know who strauss-kahn was and allegations it was consensual are way off base. >> there is nothing between the encounter between the young woman and the defendant which was remotely consensual or could
8:09 am
be construed as consensual either physical contact or sexual contact. treasury secretary tgim geithner would not comment on the case but said it's time for strauss-kahn to relinquish his position at the international monetary fund. >>s' obviously not in a position to fund the imf and it's important for the board to put in place for the interim period someone to act as managing director. >> strauss-kahn is next scheduled to appear in court friday. tom coburn has quit the so-called gang of six, trying to come up with a plan to trim the deficit. he says his colleagues aren't willing to cut enough from social programs like medicare. andrew fastow has been moved from a louisiana prison to a half way house in houston. the "houston chronicle" reports he'll likely complete the remainder of his sentence there.
8:10 am
he testified against ken lay in connection with the accounting scandal that brought enron down. maria shriver and her children are reacting to news that arnold schwarzenegger fathered a son with a woman who worked inside their home. in a statement yesterday shriver called this "a painful and heartbreaking time." it's reported she's known about the lovechild since january, when she moved out of their l.a. mansion. one of the couple's sons, 17-year-old patrick, tweeted he felt bad and "some days you want to quit and just be normal for a bit yet i love my family 'til death do us part." he signed it patrick shriver. ten minutes past the hour katie couric has a preview of tonight's "cbs evening news." >> good morning, it's a common medication you may give your children so why is the fda considering changing how it's used? we'll explain tonight, only on the "cbs evening news." now back to the early show. now over to marysol castro with another ek ch of the weather. mary, good morning. >> good morning jeff good morning everyone at home.
8:11 am
from sunshine to snow we see just a little bit of everything across the lower 48 today and we'll show you what's happening. the southern tier of the united states has some high pressure sunny skies but we have some severe weather, portions of the midwest pretty sunny. the west coast along the coast is going to be pretty nice southern california you pick up a few showers that dissipate by the afternoon hours. rockies, cascade, we're still measuring snow. tough to believe but yes we're still looking at some snow. to the northeast and the mid-atlantic, more rain by sunday, this portion of the country will have received more rain in one week than they normally get for the entire month of may, wrap your brain around that. to the southern plains we're looking at severe weather, more of a hail and wind event. they really need the rain unfortunately they don't get it this system lasts today into tomorrow, it really starts later
8:12 am
this weather report sponsored by ashley furniture, the number one name in furniture. thanks so much. that's your latest weather. here's chris. >> thank you very much. coming up next on "the early show" a new study shows the impact coffee can have in fighting the most common forms of cancer. we'll look at the surprising results next here on cbs.
8:13 am
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[ male announcer ] wonder where the durango's been for the last two years? it toured around europe, getting handling and steering lessons on those sporty european roads. it went back to school got an advanced degree in technology. it's been working out -- more muscle and less fat. it's done more in two years than most cars do in a lifetime. now lease the all-new 2011 dodge durango express all-wheel-drive for $359 a month for well-qualified lessees. in this morning's "health watch" coffee and prostate cancer. men who drink six cups or more a
8:16 am
day may dramatically decrease their chance of getting colan cancer. dr. jennifer ashton is back with more on this. how did the researchers make the correlation between drinking coffee and advanced forms of prostate cancer and the link between the two? >> chris this is a study that looked at lifestyle modification and prostate cancer risk of developing the most aggressive forms, a harvard study funded by the national cancer institute, they looked at about 48,000 men, followed them for 20 years and asked them a questionnaire about their coffee both decaf and regular consumption and found a strong association between that consumption. what they found is men who drank one to three cups of coffee a day lowered their risk of developing the deadliest form of prostate cancer by 30%, those who drank six or more cups a day, chris lowered the risk of the most lethal form of prostate cancer by 60%. >> this study is done over a
8:17 am
long period of time. >> correct. >> caffeine, what are the keys? >> important limitations. this study was based on association. it did not show a biologic cause and effect, but there are some theories. when you talk about caffeine or coffee, it is a powerful anti-oxidant, has powerful anti-inflammatory properties can effect testosterone and glucose metabolism and a powerful diuretic. all of the factors may come into play and research will definitely be ongoing to see what is going on in terms of a mechanism. >> lately we've been hearing about the wonders of coffee. any other diseases that coffee can play a positive effect of preventing? >> we seem to hear about it all the time. there have been studies that show an association between caffeine consumption and reducing the risk of diabetes, of parkinson's disease, of liver cancer, of stroke. just last week we saw a study come out of sweden which showed women who drank five or more cups of coffee a day lowered their risk of a particularly
8:18 am
aggressive form of breast cancer so again we keep on hearing about these associations but in terms of the mechanism that requires a lot more research. >> personally i couldn't imagine drinking six cups of coffee a day. there's got to be downsides besides the jitters. >> you bet they are. remember caffeine is a drug a powerful stimulant. it can increase anxiety, cause tremors, irregular heartbeats dehydration so again we say in medicine, in moderation probably not a bad idea, when you talk about consuming six or more cups a day you have to weigh the benefits of the risks and the potential benefits. >> if you're not a coffee fan and even if you hear the results of the study you cannot become a coffee fan are there any other foods or paenchbeverages that can reduce your risk of prostate cancer? >> again this association in reducing risk we've heard about lycopene, found in tomatoes, an anti-oxidant. the results and the data are a little conflicting, they're not
8:19 am
conclusive. what is known to reduce the risk powerfully of prostate cancer don't smoke, quit if you do and exercise. >> got it, so you don't have to race out and start drinking six to eight cups of coffee a day. >> if you drink it continue, but you don't necessarily have to start yet. >> dr. ashton thanks again. stay with us. we'll be right back. this is "the early show" here on cbs. >> "cbs health watch" sponsored by levemir flexpen. ask your doctor about the benefits of levemir flexpen today. from patients who use levemir flexpen. a
8:20 am
8:21 am
welcome back to the early show. chris wragge along with erica hill. erica, excuse me look who is joining us. is this great or what? >> our new co-anchor, tom selleck. >> people would love if you would do this every day. >> and now for the news. >> you have the voice. >> i'm sure you know this the general population doesn't until
8:22 am
now, "blue bloods" very successful show -- >> how do you know? i don't know. i'll know this afternoon when they tell me. >> we can tell you right now. >> i'm on? >> you're in. we've got a direct line. >> i'm still knocking on wood. >> it's a great show to watch. >> thank you. >> must be a fun show to do. >> it is a fun show to do. it's fun playing the boss. it's also kind of nice for me to play a patriarch, playing the father. i really like that. there's not enough good fathers around. i mean kind of -- no offense but homer simpson -- >> he doesn't do it for you? not a good role model? >> we had donnie wahlberg and he said a number of times on and off camera how you do, you are a leader and how you have made the job so much easier for him being able to follow your leadership. >> oh, i paid him for that.
8:23 am
>> you have the right amount might want to up him for season two. more with tom sell electric here on "the early show." stay with us.
8:24 am
8:25 am
we're look at the chesapeake bay. this is not unlike what we see
8:26 am
on the side of the great lakes. keep the umbrellas handy. now, over to sharon gibala. hi, marty, good morning. a really busy ride. just in on the jfx at the northern parkway. an accident with two school buses at liberty parkway. it is a minor accident. still working another accident with a pedestrian struck. and at north rolling road, there's an accident at rolling road. typical delays on 95 southbound. protect your home from the invisible destroyer, termites. go to for more. jack johnson pleads guilty
8:27 am
to multiple corruption charges. >> reporter: he'll spend a decade behind bars. the 62-year-old pleaded guilty. he admits trading access to county jobs and real estate and housing money. he also admitted to telling his wife to flush a check down the toilet and stuff nearly $80,000 in her underwear. she serves on the county council. thank you, the baltimore county police are asking for the public's help tracking down a russian woman missing in the area. the police now expect foul play. she traveled from russia to new york and rented a car. the rental car was later found in the area. it's a special day for brooks robin son.
8:28 am
today, the hall of famer turns 74. he was released from the hospital at the end of april. he's said to be doing nicely. and stay with us, the early show talked
8:29 am
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[ fiber seeker ] really? try it. [ mr. mehta ] honey, touch of brown sugar, crunchy clusters -- any cardboard? cardboard no delicious yes. so where's the fiber? maybe it's in the honey clusters. [ male announcer ] fiber one. cardboard no, delicious yes. welcome back to the early show. you're taking a look at a live picture of 59th and 5th. i'm julie chen. the time is 8:30. i'm here with erica hill chris wragge jeff glor and marysol castro. >> i knew i liked her. >> did i say it okay? >> perfectly. >> blast from the past. >> right. >> you know it's so weird. >> isn't it nice to sit on the couch again. do you miss it? i miss you. >> i don't miss these hours. >> you were out and they bring
8:31 am
you back. >> it's like just when i thought i was out, they bring me back in. >> they bring me back in. >> it's weird. this is the first time since leaving the show as one of you guys, i'm here as a guest but as you can see i think i'm taking over the show because i keep talking. >> some things never change with julie. that's what we love about you. the good news is you're sticking around for awhile you'll chitchat about "the talk" which you left us for out to sunny l.a. >> you know what? it was just the hours. it was better hours so i had to go out to the west coast. >> girl no one blames you for that. oh, my god. how are you guys doing? >> we're good. >> we love the hours. >> no, i have to tell you when i was young and your age i did love the hours. >> yeah. >> this is a very good gig to have when you're young and handsome like you. >> he doesn't need any more encouragement. >> really? >> we tell him that every day. >> thank you. >> when you're old and tired like you, it's a great gig to have, jeff i got to tell you,
8:32 am
you know? look what it does to you. you'll need pounds of makeup like me. >> you look amazing. >> marvelous, darling. plus your little man is what almost 2? >> charlie is 20 months. he keeps me young. you know how charlie is? in one gesture -- >> both of us we still haven't hit the terrible 2s so jack is 18 months. just coming up on -- >> i've heard -- >> mary and i can give you -- >> gavin is one week into his 2s. go figure. >> i've heard the terrible 2s don't really exist. >> no, it's the 3s, i'm telling you. >> toddlers terrible toddlers. >> i heard it's all about communication, you know, if they know how to communicate they're not terrible. it's frustrating when they're 2 -- >> they can't get the words out. >> we hit you over the head with the thermos. >> whatever gets their point made. >> someone who is good at communicating the weather.
8:33 am
>> ooh, there she is. >> get off the kid talk. go ahead. if you don't mind. go contribute. >> you just sit. there's baby sitting in your future. high temperatures across the land. they don't look too shabby except in the northeast. 65 in caribou. 64 in los angeles. let's stick with the west coast, a lot of precipitation in sight and cooler than normal we'll see morning showers in los angeles. whether you were home or here sister, you are going to see some rain. it continues to be cold throughout the rest of the day. the southeast completely different picture, nice and we're getting overcast again. we have a lot of clouds here and a little sun here. we'll have maybe a thunderstorm.
8:34 am
73 is the high. we'll go to the radar. we're getting an interesting bay effect. this is forming showers thanks so much. that's your latest weather. over to erica. >> mary thanks. just to have someone cheat on you, spouse cheat on is you devastating enough couple that on being in the public eye as maria shriver is. she's facing trust issues as she transitions to this new life after her husband's bombshell announcement this week. betty nguyen has more. >> your governor for the next four years, arnold schwarzenegger. >> reporter: it was a secret arnold schwarzenegger kept for more than a decade and ultimately tore his 25-year marriage to maria shriver apart, when the actor and former governor confessed to fathering a child with a member of the family's household staff shriver pleaded for privacy in a
8:35 am
statement saying "this is a painful and heartbreaking time. as a mother my concern is for the children, i ask for compassion respect and privacy." >> my partner, best friend welcome my wife maria shriver. >> reporter: the rumors plagued their marriage during a 2003 special election. >> i have behaved badly sometimes. >> reporter: shriver staunchly defended her husband from allegations of indiscretion. >> he is an extraordinary father. he's an extraordinary husband. >> reporter: schwarzenegger's recent admission and years of betrayal put shriver in territory familiar to many women in high-profile marriages. jenny sanford divorced former south carolina governor mark sanford after he confessed to carrying on an affair with a woman in argentina and hillary clinton famously stood by her man after his affair with white house intern monica lewinsky. >> maria is utterly devastated.
8:36 am
she gave up her journalistic career when arnold became governor of california. her friends don't doubt she'll emerge from this stronger because she's so resilient. >> reporter: how shriver will move forward remains to be seen but her candid comments reveal a woman seeking answers. >> is so stressful to not know what you're doing next i'd like to hear from other people who are in transition how did you find your transition. >> reporter: betty nguyen cbs news new york. >> of course you don't have to be rich or famous to feel the emotional impangt of betrayial, the heartbreak of divorce, it can happen to anyone. psychologist and "early show" contributor jennifer hartstein joins us with more. look at maria shriver, she learns about the infidelity issues and learns about a child, fathered with a woman part of their household for two decades. this all on the heels of losing her parents. when you put all that together
8:37 am
i mean how much more difficult is it to have all of this on your plate at once? >> one of those things is hard enough, you keep piling it on and piling it on many would crack under that pressure. what is amazing in watching maria shriver she doesn't seem to have outwardly cracked. hopefully we would think she's got some people she's leaning on. she's got to be so numb and trying to figure out what is happening and how to move forward. >> and who does she trust moving forward? of course because here her husband she couldn't trust, someone in her innersirk until her house for 20 years she couldn't trust. she has the benefit of having a close knit family she can rely on, probably has long-term friends that she can still trust but it's going to take some time and she's going to be questioning these relationships a lot and asking people and double asking people and triple checking so it's going to take the time for her to build that back up. >> she mentioned she's most concerned about her children. they have four children together, two of them have taken
8:38 am
to twitter, talking about it on twitter, patrick schwarzenegger changed his name to patrick shriver. this is a whole new world with social media, as people deal with things. does it help or does it hurt? >> it could go either way. it brings the public more into their space, which may not be what they want but this is how kids communicate. so they are reaching out for support. they are getting their allegiances out there, and that's how they're communicating. we have to expect that's going to happen. we have to question did he choose a side going to shriver and taking off the schwarzenegger. ? >> parents obviously look at this much differently than kids do. this is not how parents communicate. it might be worth saying you know what? you're hurting, we know it's rough on you but maybe best not to put it out there. >> the knee-jerk reaction to throw it on twitter, the post might come down or may be asked please don't do that anymore. this is a family matter. keep it in the family. >> how do the four children 14 to 21 deal with the issue of how
8:39 am
they deal with their dad, whether they forgive him, whether they trust him again? >> it's all a process. they're all in the process together. arnold has come out being contrite and apologetic. he'll have a lot of rebuilding to do to show his kids he's still the same guy and has to communicate to them and deal with their anger, be able to handle that not get defensive, deal with questions, be open to that and he's really going to have to be present and accountable for anything they throw at him. >> in the days leading up to this, we were talking about long-term marriages broken up, the gores, 40 years, schwarzenegger and shriver, 25 years. what is it that drives people to cheat? >> in these situations we are -- >> i didn't mean to imply, we were talking about long-term marriages -- >> the break-up of long-term marriages and a couple things. the cheating situation there's a power situation and we can't deny people in power tend to cheat more. there's been a lot of research studies supporting that. >> do they think they can get
8:40 am
away with in. >> they think they can get away with it and above the rules. when you're out of the public eye where you may have been where your marriage developed you are stuck in your marriage and have to focus on that and don't know how to interact when maybe there was a political office or high-powered job and that often brings in all the problems that might have gotten overlooked before. we have to think about what the problems may be. >> it's fascinating and heartbreaking all at once. jen thanks as always. the first season of tom selleck's hit "blue bloods" may be over but you can get your fix of the tv icon this weekend on sunday night he returns as jesse stone in the movie series "innocents lost." >> so, how is the drinking thing going? >> i'm very fond of you, jesse. >> i don't like the train.
8:41 am
makes me think too much. >> excuse me? >> you know that car you let me drive? >> test drive. >> can i drive it to boston? >> you already test drove it. >> perhaps you could consider it a loaner. >> that would imply you have a car in here repair. it's a rusted halt. >> exactly. >> good to see you. >> you, too, chris. i'm not laughing. just he's got problems. >> when people say how is the drinking thing and you start laughing. >> that's jesse. >> you talk about they just keep going and keep going, this is the seventh. you're working on number eight soon which we'll talk about. let's talk about the seventh installment. you have to be surprised. >> i read "stone cold" from the late robert b. parker's novel. bob was a pal, he passed away in january and i just said i got to play this guy and i told my boss, when i pitched it to him, a series of books and i think they wanted one movie, so now i've grown my little jesse thing
8:42 am
again and we're doing number seven which is "innocents lost" and people don't need to have seen the others, by the way. jesse stands alone as a movie but i'm off to do number eight "benefit of the doubt" tomorrow. so go figure. >> so much for your break before "blue blood." >> i love jesse and i love "blue bloods." nice to be working. i got a mortgage so this is good. >> something tells me you got enough money socked away. >> i do not. >> you executive produce, writing part of the script, you have an active role in the jesse movies. do they just come? they come to you? you wrote them quick between "blue bloods." >> i did. i had to write during "blue bloods" which was hard because i dearly love frank. you don't completely become someone else when you're doing a role but you're pretty much into that character so it's hard to switch gears but jesse is also near and dear.
8:43 am
it had to be gotten ready so we could do it in my window off, and we got it done. i never thought of myself as a writer, even though my partner and i had written the last three jesses, so staring at a blank page is scary. >> additional ones going up to halifax to do the eighth installment? >> "benefit of the doubt." we're doing 362 jesses if i last that long. no, i don't know. every one is new. pickup is new. we have to audition each time. we're the last of the movies of the week on network television. we're more of an event i'm happy and proud to say. we're holding up the banner for one of television's i think great art forms which is the movie of the week. >> you wouldn't be invited back to do it if they weren't popular and people weren't watching them. >> people love watching them. >> is it the selleck factor? >> i don't know what the selleck
8:44 am
factor is. ooh, almost broke a rule don't refer to yourself in the third person. i think it's the character. there's not enough character-driven stuff on tv except "blue blood" and i just think jesse is so flawed and he's such a mess and yet he's a good guy. i just think people root for him and he's funny. he doesn't feel sorry for himself. >> still the most famous mustache on television? >> i don't know. who is out there? people are going through puberty every day so i could be replaced. >> there are some big names. brad pitt, ryan -- >> he's out there. >> there are people starting to sport, giving you full credit. >> they get mustache questions? >> giving you full credit. >> i was born without it and -- >> seems like you've had it. >> i can handle it. it's no, actually it's new all the time because it grows and you have to cut it off and stuff.
8:45 am
it's not -- it's an affectation and now i have my jesse things so all eyes will go down to my chin. >> do you have an actor thing in. >> i love the character "in and out." i love the character on "friends." i loved magnum maybe one of the best i got to play. "quigley down under." i loved frank. francis reagan and jesse i dearly love. >> good to see the character coming back for season two. good to have you with us, big fan always and nice to talk with you again. >> and new saber picked up? >> go with it. buy that beach house and you can see jesse stone "innocents lost "sunday night at 9:00, 8:00 central here on cbs. erica? >> chris thanks. julie chen for more than a decade woke up early as part of
8:46 am
"the early show." last fall she ditched us, decided she wanted to sleep in move to a more civilized time of the day as host of "the talk" here on cbs. this morning she is back. >> i had to break up with you guys. i was here 11 years. i had to do it. sometimes you just got to walk away and see, you know. >> makes you realize what you're missing. >> i know. when my alarm went off this morning i was like oh i do not miss that sound at that hour. >> yes, but we are very happy to have you back with us. >> thank you. >> you've had a lot of fun over the last few months. i have to we have to play this for you, though. i know you enjoyed it. >> yes. >> the "snl" clip. >> okay. >> always keeping it real am i right sister chicas. and just so you know i'm kind of casual girlfriend language is as uncomfortable for me to use
8:47 am
as it is for you to watch. >> like she side i'm leah reminiy from "the king of queens" hello. nine seasons. >> you can laugh at yourself? >> i do that in meetings now. i catch myself when someone walks in to my office at "the talk." i'm like hello. oh my god, i am her. when i watched the sketch that's not really me is it? now i own it. >> you do? >> yes. >> do you give her tips for the next time? >> not at all. she is a genius. whatever she wants to do she should run with it. my husband and i ran into lauren michaels, the executive producer at a party before the sketch aired. he said to me just so you know we're working on a sketch making fun of "the talk." he said we're not quite there but working it out. i said "just do me one favor. please, please please whatever
8:48 am
you do do not have a man play me." okay? unless you bring back tracy morgan, then i will think it's funny. i was like please, please please. then he said kristin wiig plays you. i said do whatever you want. >> "the talk" for folks who haven't seen it you should watch here on cbs at 2:00 in most places what is the best thing about it? it's all about moms sitting around talking about things. >> you know it's not just moms sitting around talking about things. it's girlfriends. you don't have to be like a mom to relate to the show. and you don't have to be a woman to relate to the show. we talk about anything and everything that people are talking about in life. and it's so funny because i was thinking about all right, i used to get paid for a living to work on the"the early show" so people didn't know how i felt about any story i was covering. now i get paid for people at
8:49 am
home watching me on "the talk" so they do know how i feel about anything and everything we're talking about. it's odd. >> it's a big shift. are you comfortable with it yet or still finding your place. >> i'm comfortable. in the beginning i don't know how do i do this? i said to myself, you no heknow what? just be you. if you get hate mail you deserve it. >> there are people who like you and people who hate you, you're doing something right. >> exactly. >> is there any topic that for you would be off limits? it can be a very revealing show. you talk about your husband, boss, you talk about your son charlie, 20 months. those are personal topics. >> i know. i have to say it's something in my head because i've been doing broadcasting for so long i know when and where i can go into my personal stuff and not be in trouble with my husband when i get home. >> right. >> i have a pretty good gauge for that. i will say any time my co-hosts
8:50 am
are talking about sex, i stay quiet. i just say, i pull the kristen wiig and say, hello, hello. that's it. that's my go-to thing. what about you, julie? i'm like hello. that's it. it works. >> it does work. >> oh this one works. oh, we got to go to break. we're out of time. i shuffle my papers. >> julie is doing the anchor shuffle which you brought from "the early show," saying we have to go to break or saying hello we'll know what's going on, cutting it off right there. >> i'm no dummy. we did get renewed for a new season. i know. >> we look forward to more of "the talk." i have to mm you because we have to go to a break and air some bills. "the talk" airs weekdays on cbs. we'll be back on "the early show." stick around.
8:51 am
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nice to have you back with us on the couch at "the early show." >> i don't want to leave. how do you feel about
8:54 am
8:55 am
lows are starting to slowly pulling away today.
8:56 am
mostly cloudy and 58 degrees. tomorrow, the high of 75 degrees. make some weekend plans. it will be a good one. in the news, jack johnson is heading to federal prison. andrea fujii has his story. >> reporter: don, jack johnson will spend a decade behind bars. he pleaded guilty to extorsion. he admits to accepting bribes. he also admitted telling his wife, leslie, to flush a $100,000 check down the down toil -- the toilet. she faces separate challenges. don, back to you. the police are asking for the public's help to find a russian woman missing in the area. the police do expect foul play.
8:57 am
she was traveling two months ago and rented a car in catonsville to visit relatives. she hasn't been heard from. if you have information, contact the police. a 21-year-old convicted of causing a crash will spend 30 days in jail. she was found guilty of failier to yield on the right. the judge found the girl not guilty of vehicular homicide. a local actress pleads not guilty for drug charges. she's charged with conspiring to sell heroin. she's one of 24 charged in a joint investigation. today, cab drivers will be honored for their hard work. they can stop by phillip's
8:58 am
seafood and pick up a free crab cake sandwiches. that's from 11:30 to 1:00 this afternoon. stay with us, complete news and first warning weather today at noon. updates available all morning long at ?
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